Validation parameters - (vary for ID, impuritiy, or assay tests)
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Validation of Other Instrumental Methods- instrument-specific validation parameters include:

ICP (temperature [laboratory and spray chamber], reagent concentration, RF power, nebulizer/spray chamber, torch height, integration time, reaction/collision cell type/conditions, resolution, analytical lines, etc.)

AAS (reagent concentration, burning velocity, flame temperature gradients, sensitivity and interferences, etc)

GFAA (reagent conc., hollow-cathode lamp current and slit width, temperature, sensitivity/interferences, etc) 

Dissolution (paddle speed, vessel temperature, volume, sampling time, surfactants, absence of interference from excipients and reagents at the monitoring wavelength, degassing technique, paddle height, medium preparation [salt concentration, pH, filtration, etc.]"

Cleaning Validation (swab, filter and solvent, extraction volume, swabbing technique/area, recovery, other)

UV/Vis Spectrophotometry (wavelength, scanning rate, sampling time, pH, temperature, interferences, solution stability, probe sampling depth and probe orientation, etc.)

Other Instruments - varies depending on technique
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