"If you need a new building, you know to call a Real Estate expert; but who do you call when you need a method development or validation services to submit for regulatory agency approval, performed quickly and accurately at your site Fortunately, we knew to call you."
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Greg McLaughlin is an excellent scientist with expert knowledge of the principles and practices of method development and validation in HPLC, GC, and many other analytical techniques used in a wide range of industries.   He has a thorough understanding of analytical chemistry and an uncanny ability to rapidly optimize method development and validation projects.  He has worked extensively with all the major instrument control and software data analysis platforms.  He is intimately familiar with their use and how to trouble-shoot problems.  Greg is also an effective trainer and delivers clear, easy-to-understand theory, techniques, and troubleshooting.  Although he was also successful in sales and as a marketer of scientific instruments, by far Greg's greatest value is in the laboratory.  He is a tenacious and rapid problem solver.  Greg is the most knowledgeable, productive, successful, and hardest working analytical chemist that I have ever met.  I recommend him highly!
Dr. Kenneth W. Anderson
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